The idea of
the book.

Design Director, Art Director, Designer, Founder, and Proprietor

The Idea of the Book is an online resource and bookshop founded in 2016 dedicated to the history and tradition of artists’ books and material in the overlapping fields of art, design, and concrete poetry. It’s also a platform which allows me to interact with material that inspires me in my daily design work, connect with artists, collectors, institutions, and creative professionals. It’s also opened the doors to collaborations with other artists through publishing, travel and lecture on the topic of the book, and also travel to find new material. Life with books is a way better life.

The Idea of the Book—an online bookshop and resource founded in 2016.

A selection of books I’ve had the privilege to carry by Eugen Gomringer, Olle Eksell, Wim Crouwel, and others.

And a few more by Bernardo Salcedo, Wolf Vostell, Hansjörg Mayer, and others.

And some more by Max Bense, Henri Chopin, Karl Gerstner, Emmett Williams, and others.

And finally some by Herbert Spencer, Dieter Roth (Diter Rot), Augusto de Campos, and others.

‘words pronounced exactly alike’—a collaborative broadside with Karen Mac Cormack (who’s married to Steve McCaffery), featuring a poem by translated into Swedish and laid out in the form of a map. Published in an edition of 42.

‘bounceback’—a collaborative broadside with Steve McCaffery (who’s married to Karen Mac Cormack), featuring a Swedish sonnet homophonically translated into English, then back into Swedish, and finally back into English, with the text facing four different directions. Published in an edition of 42.

‘030315–070315’—a boxed set of of thirteen personal artists’ books printed on various papers with related ephemera laid inside. Published in an edition of 15.

‘poem’—an artists’ book featuring thirty-nine three-word four-letter poems printed on translucent sheets of white paper. Published in an edition of 500.

‘The other today is the one you want’—design of Peter Wegner’s artists’ book. One of three books designed in collaboration with the artist and Creative Director Todd Waterbury.